Gothic fashion is great, but it’s generally geared towards summer. Consider the following: decorated black tights, short black skirts, and crop tops. Here, however, I will be covering a few gothic fashion faves that you can wear during the colder season. 

Lined Black Leggings 

Lined stockings or leggings can keep your legs warm while also adhering to a goth-y aesthetic. Image Courtesy of Target. 

Stockings can be seen in any part of a goth’s wardrobe, but they are often thin, lacy ones that do very little against harsh, winter weather. If you are looking to continue wearing a few Gothic skirts for the winter season, it might be wise to pair them with some fleeced lined leggings or stockings, so that you still feel warm enough to walk about and/or leave the house. 

Gothic Hoodies 

Hoodies are the perfect wardrobe choice for a cold or relaxed day, and come in many different sizes and designs. Image Courtesy of Walmart. 

Ah, the classic Gothic Hoodie. Yes, that’s right: a hoodie can in fact be Gothic! Most Gothic hoodies (a la Hot Topic) will have various classic Gothic touches, for example, “piercings,” bits of strategically placed metal, or Gothic pop-culture decals on them. While a hoodie might not be the most elaborate thing to wear during this goth– I mean, “winter” season, it can provide quite a bit of warmth and style at an overall lower cost than some of the more expense Gothic clothing items, such as corsets, complicated tops, and this next one on the list… capes! 

Or Better Yet, Capes! 

Capes are dramatic and beautiful…A great pic for any theater or drama enthusiast. Image Courtesy of Amazon.

There are plenty of cultures that wear capes during the colder months (take a look at any Nordic country for an example), but that doesn’t mean that capes during winter are only meant for them. You could be a Gothic Little Red Riding Hood, for God’s sake! 

Capes are great because they are effortlessly stylish, comfortable, and easy to take on and off during the day. They can come with different kinds of accessories and embellishments, for example, fun buttons, clasps, or fur. You’ll surely impress others by wearing a cape, as it is, above all else, a statement piece that can be dressed up or down as you like. 

The Gothic Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a convenient outfit for a day in which you need to dress both warm and fashionably. It’s also a great choice for laundry day. Image Courtesy of Etsy.

The Gothic sweater dress is a great piece to include under a cardigan or the above cape. Unlike typical dresses, sweater dresses tend to be made of a thicker material, and also generally have long sleeves, which makes them ideal for the winter months, when one might want to still be stylish and show off their figure– but without having to freeze as well. 

Gothic sweater dresses really run the gamut: from ‘very Gothic’ to ‘baby goth,’ there’s pretty much something for everyone. A quick internet search of “Gothic sweater dress” produces many different results, from understated black and gray striped dresses to dresses with plenty of embellishments, lace, etc. 

There really is a sweater dress out there for everyone! 


Beanies are low-maintenance fashion, meaning that they require very little “fuss” in order to style, which can be great in the winter months when all you want to be is practical and warm. Image Courtesy of Styli.

Beanies might be a bit more Emo, but depending on how you view different clothing subcultures, they can also fall under the category of gothic as well. Beanies are a great way of keeping your head and ears warm during the winter weather, without having to break out that knitted cap that your great-great-grandmother bought you ages ago–which is multicolored, by the way. 

Beanies are nice because they don’t make much of a statement. While you might have some great go-to statement pieces in your closet, it's always nice to carry with you a few understated pieces as well, to give the way that you dress more range and freedom. 

Boots of all Kinds! 

High-rise, low-rise, leather, or plastic: boots are the answer to anything, and can provide great traction in slippery weather. Image Courtesy of Smartcob.

High-rise boots have always been a part of goth culture. They are great, versatile, and work great with skirts, shorts, and dresses alike. Find them in plastic, leather, or any material under the sun. Bonus points, however, if they are platforms or high-tops. 

Gothic Gloves

Keep your fingers warm with an interesting pair of gloves. Image Courtesy of Gothic Babe.

Gloves are another classic goth article of clothing that works great during the winter! While the vast majority of Gothic gloves that you will find on the internet have cutouts, are made of cheap, thin material, or are just not right for winter– there are always exceptions to the rule. Whether you decide on some nice, classic black leather gloves, or go for something a bit longer and edgier, gloves can be a great way to express your sense of fashion while also ensuring your safety from frostbite! 

One thing to bear in mind when purchasing gloves in practicality. Be sure not to buy something too thin (won't keep you warm) or too thick (have to take them off inside).  Generally, leather gloves with a bit of soft insulation do the trick, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Black Jeans 

Black jeans are instantly classy, providing a bit of formality to any outfit.  They can also go in many different fashion directions as well, such as goth and punk.  Image Courtesy of Tyler Nix

What can I say about black jeans? They’re black jeans: they’re easy to move around in, adhere to just about any fashion sense, and are, generally, affordable. Coming in all shapes and sizes, black jeans should, frankly, be a part of anyone’s wardrobe, goth or no goth. 

Great when paired with a couple of knee-high boots, black jeans can be effortlessly dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Ripped Jeans 

Ripped jeans can go with many different outfits, and the size and make of the tears in the jeans is a very personal style choice.  You can go for a more understated look, or keep things subtle and simple.  Image Courtesy of Ban Yido

Ripped jeans are right up there with black jeans. While they may be less of a classic– falling in and out of style with the years– they give off a very edgy vibe and can be tailored in all different kinds of ways to ensure that they encapsulate your specific style. (For reference, I once knew someone who incorporated patches into their ripped jeans, sewing them on by hand!)

Ripped jeans come in many different colors and price points, though they tend to err on the more expensive side (depending largely on the designer), so it's generally best to only have one or two pairs in your closet--especially seeing as they come in and out of fashion depending on the year/ season.

A Clever Accessory (Purses, etc.)

Sometimes, clothes just aren’t enough to make a statement. That’s when you need to dive into the magical world of accessories. Image Courtesy of Inked Shop.

No outfit is complete without a clever, Gothic accessory. Sometimes, just wearing all black doesn’t get the point across that you’re a goth–and you need to incorporate something else as a way of getting your style across to others. 

You can incorporate a purse, beret, statement socks, or earrings–these are things that you can wear any time of the year, and can definitely up your fashion game. 

Consider the following accessories (which can be worn any time of the year)

  • Purses/ statement bags
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chain for wallet
  • Hair dye (not technically an accessory, I know)
  • Makeup (maybe an accessory? Just make sure that whatever you use is hydrating and long-lasting, as the winds tend to dry out everyone’s complexion)

At the end of the day, it’s all up to personal preference! 

At the end of the day, you are free to wear whatever you want! However, if you are planning on dressing in a goth manner during the winter months, it can be hard to find the right pieces of clothing that both express your style and keep you warm enough to get through the day. By just going online, you can find a great abundance of choices.