Politics and fashion are linked in many different ways on a regular basis, and all of these forms of interaction help us understand better where do clothes come from, what do they mean, and how can we leverage their full potential to use clothes in a way that represents ourselves, that is sustainable, and that communicates what we aim to communicate.

Clothes are part of our daily life, we wake up around them, we change outfits and add new pieces to our wardrobe, yet we are missing a deep connection with them in which we get to know what are they made of, where do they come from, what do they say about us, and how we can use them, and respect them to portray messages that will help us in a personal and professional way.

what we do

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Political Fashion is a space to speak deeply about the different meanings of fashion and how political it can be. Through fascinating fields such as sustainability, social justice movements, ethical fashion, political communication, and public image, politics and fashion interact inextricably, illustrating what we as humans think about gender, race, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, age, weight, and cultural backgrounds.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”


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