Main Image: Courtesy of Gender Photos.

Fashion trends evolve throughout the year, as well as our ideas, our perceptions of the world, and the way we think. These perceptions influence fashion, and fashion influences us. It's a dual relationship that is constantly evolving.

The evolution of fashion is very visual and easy-to-follow, but how do we keep track of the evolution of our thoughts and perceptions? There are times when we stick to old-fashioned ideas without realizing them. We were raised with certain beliefs and perceptions of the world. We absorbed them and adopted them, making them part of who we are and how we behave. But the world and the people around us are constantly changing, and without realizing it, we may have 20-year-old obsolete ideas that are no longer true in today's world.

Charles Darwin said: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." This adaptability to change is not limited to our actions or our resistance to extreme weather. Our thoughts and beliefs must adapt to the discoveries and information that humans are discovering.

And, of course, we can visually see our evolution through fashion. We are no longer wearing loincloths out of Mamut skin and fur. Our clothes are a reflection of what is happening around us and who we are as human beings. And one of the greatest progressions that we've made in the last decades is our understanding of gender inclusivity and the blend of masculine and feminine perceptions in who we are and how we dress. The idea of classifying clothes by gender (even worse, by menswear and womenswear) is obsolete and no longer true to the 21st-century consumers.

Clothes don't make you more of a "man" or more of a "woman". The consumers of the 21st century don't buy clothes based on the social expectation of their gender; they buy the clothes they like regardless of who they were designed for! There are many identities between the two restrictive categories of "male" and "female." In recent years, we've had the opportunity of learning more about the big spectrum of gender and gender identities. And now, we can see this inclusive, gender-neutral mentality in fashion. It is here to stay! So regardless of who you are and how you look like, here are the top genderless garments of the season that you can pull of in a fabulous way.

The T-shirt

Sometimes a black t-shirt is all you need to complete the look. Image Courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto.

T-shirts are one of the most popular garments across consumers of different ages, backgrounds, and budgets. T-shirts are easy to love as you can wear them with any bottom, you can elevate them with a blazer, some jewelry, and a pair of pumps, or you can just match them with shorts and sandals for a fresh and casual look. The range of t-shirts available in the market is enormous. You can find them in all colors, lengths, prints, graphics, and price points, so it's always a good idea to have a couple of black or white t-shirts in your closet and ready-to-go.

It is super important to highlight that t-shirts should be nicely pressed as any other garment that you wear. T-shirts are casual garments, but casual is not a synonym of messy, so take your time to plan your casual outfits and rock them in a presentable way. Choose a t-shirt with a graphic that matches your personality. You can tell when someone feels comfortable in their clothes or not, so don't ever choose a t-shirt just because someone else told you to do so or because it is trendy. Listen to yourself and buy wisely!

The Hoodie

A hoodie is a must for those cool hiking mornings. Image Courtesy of Zana PQ.

Hoodies are one of the most popular garments in recent years. They are very comfortable, they come in a huge range of colors, and you can style them easily with pants, leggings, or shorts. A great characteristic of hoodies is their ease. They are perfect for moments when you don't want to wear tight garments that are very close to your body. Of course, hoodies are considered sportswear, so you wouldn't wear them to work or to any formal or semi-formal type of event. But they are perfect for those days to stay at home to watch movies, walk the dog, or go for a hike. Don't hesitate to try larger sizes to have extra ease, and they look great with leggings or shorts.

In reality, the difference in construction between a men's and a women's hoodie is minimal. Women's hoodies tend to be smaller, but the trend to use oversized hoodies made many fashion brands blend the division between men's and women's hoodies, so this garment can be worn by anyone who wants a comfortable and warm garment for the day.

The Jumpsuit

Colorful jumpsuits for all genders. Image Courtesy of Big Bud Press

This one-piece garment has its ups and downs when it comes to popularity on runways and retail stores. At the consumer level, it has its advantages and disadvantages. For those who struggle putting together an outfit, a jumpsuit is an easy solution, as you don't have to worry about finding a top and a bottom. However, if you are a person who doesn't like to repeat outfits constantly, it can be challenging to style a jumpsuit in different ways and make it look different. You can add a vest, a jacket, jewelry or different footwear, but the essence of the one-piece garment will still be there.

Whatever your case is, don't be scared to pull off a jumpsuit that aligns with your style. You can find jumpsuits for different occasions in different fabrics, colors, prices, and lengths. Make sure to try it before you buy it and sit, walk, dance, and jump with it. There are jumpsuits that may be tight in the crotch or the butt area, so make sure you can sit comfortably on it to avoid any uncomfortable surprises later on.

The Boy Shorts

A flattering and functional fit that you will love. Image Courtesy of Emia Fashion

The name itself of this garment is obsolete, retrograde, and divisive. Such is the case that many department stores have the category of "Boy shorts for women" and "Boy shorts for men" as a sign of progress towards gender neutrality in clothing. Originally, this garment was created after the need of a piece of underwear for women that didn't have a triangular shape in the crotch, and that could cover the butt. So the boy short replicates the silhouette of tight men's underwear, and its popularity rises because consumers love its comfortability! The truth is, folks from all genders can pull this garment off.

The Sweatpants

For the last couple of years, sweatpants have had a huge rise in popularity for many different factors: big stars like Travis Scott, and Roddy Rich have given this garment a particular coolness that their fans love to follow. And then there's also the comfort aspect, and fashion brands introducing sweatpants with different colors, prints and designs, that people love to wear not only to work out but to go grocery shopping, walk the dog, pick up food, and basically as some sort of midpoint between pajamas and an item of actual casual clothing. The easiness of sweatpants makes them a great choice for different types of bodies. So you can see women wearing "pants for men" and men wearing "pants for women." Wear them with t-shirts, hoodies, bodysuits, or jerseys in your favorite color with your fabulous authenticity and style.

Bomber Jackets

Barack Obama knows how to pull off a cool bomber jacket. Image Courtesy of GQ.

Originally made for combat pilots during the First World War in the first half of the 20th century, the bomber jacket has a certain coolness that puts together an attitude of assertiveness, coolness, and comfort. Bomber jackets are a great idea for small parties with friends, casual activities, and cool afternoon walks. The evolution of the bomber jacket in the last couple of years is mindblowing as you can find it in all colors, price ranges, and materials. Many girls like to buy "men" bomber jackets because they tend to be larger and dartless, so they are not very fitted. There's also men who like the slim fit of a women's bomber jacket, so play around the different departments of the store to find the coolest bomber jacket for you.

The Shirt Dress

An easygoing look for the fall. Image Courtesy of Who What Wear.

A very fun, dynamic, effortless, and modern silhouette for everyone! The shirtdress is a result of the very popular oversized trends from recent years. Shirt dresses are basically elongated shirts that cover the crotch. They exist in many different variations: slim or easy fit, solid colors, or printed, short or long length. You can style them with sneakers, pumps, loafers, or even with a pair of spartan sandals during those hot summer days. If you want to accentuate your waist, you can use a belt, or you can just wear it as a very easygoing outfit. You are going to love how versatile this garment is for different occasions. Don't be scared of playing with the different outfit ideas that this super cool garment has to offer.

The Suit

Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live wearing a well-fitted black suit. Image Courtesy of NBC/Getty Images.

Originally made for men only, the word suit comes from the french word suivre, which means to follow. (Gentlemans Gazette). This is because the trousers followed the vest, which followed the suit. All the parts that make a suit are cohesive in fabric, color, and style. Throughout history, the construction, silhouette, and design of the suit have evolved significantly as the suit user has evolved. In today's world, the suit is a symbol of elegance and authority. Dark-colored suits like black, navy, and grey are some of the most common ones as they are a safe bet when you want to look good in a formal event or environment. If you wear suits on a regular basis and you are stocked with these three elegant but safe colors, play around with some other elegant yet modern tones like white, pastels, dark greens, and burgundy.

Take the tailoring of a suit seriously as the fit is really important, and it can destroy your whole look if it's not on point. A person in a suit looks flawless when it is styled correctly, so accept and love the power of a good suit in your wardrobe; it will empower you to kick off a formal event or presentation. You will look stunning!

Remember that fashion trends evolve quickly and it takes some time for some people to understand them. There are folks who are still wearing jeans of 2005, and chokers from the 90’s. It also takes time to accept the ideas of inclusion and diversity, especially for those who were raised in an environment that opposed these values. So encourage yourself to be brave enough to accept these fabulous fashion of inclusivity and diversity. It opens a whole new spectrum of possibilities that will only result in positive and exciting things.