Skiing, a common hobby in Europe, is often seen as an unknown for Americans who lack the required geography or climate in order to fully enjoy the sport, or even gain access to it, as a matter of fact. For this reason, when an American does happen to pick up skiing as a hobby, it can be difficult to navigate what to wear within a culture that doesn’t give the sport a lot of exposure. Believe it or not, skiing and fashion can, in fact, come together…Despite what you may remember from your old winter days: mainly bulky snow pants, pilly hats, and hard to work gloves. The reality of skiing today is that it’s a very fashionable sport, and often a sign of wealth and status. So, whether you’re a curious dabbler or a pro looking to up your fashion game in the face of this prestigious yet incredibly fun sport, this is the right article for you. 

SnowShred Ski “Bibs”

These are the Women's Searipe Unisex Stylish Mountain Discover Snowboard Pants Ski Bibs by Snowshred. Image Courtesy of the Snowshred site. 

Priced at 129.99 USD (let’s just call it 130 USD at this point), these Ski ‘Bibs’ are not cheap. However, neither is skiing as a whole. While the style may take you back to your earlier days–perhaps elementary or middle school–when wearing snow pants was mandatory, and hardly fun at all–these bibs are everything but childish. 

With a loose-flowing and minimalist/urban style, they come in several colors including khaki yellow, pink, and black. Their simple style and color choices make for easy pairing with other clothes, and with a comfortable and loose interior, they are sure to prevent chafing or painful wipeouts while on the slopes. 

Sizes come XS to XL. 

DopeSnow Adept Ski Jacket 

This is the DopeSnow Adept W Ski Jacket, in the color ‘washed ink.’ Image Courtesy of the DopeSnow site.

Wearing light colors while skiing can be, admittedly, a little bit like tempting fate sometimes. While avalanches are rare, they are always a possibility (as is getting lost or stuck in the snow), and for that reason, ski clothing sites tend to lean colorful when they can for added visibility. After all, no one wants to accidentally plunge right into their best friend for a lack of visibility. 

This jacket comes in a very unique color pattern known as “washed ink,” for its watercolor-like appearance. The material itself is waterproof, insulated, and designed to wick away powder. For that reason, it is the ideal jacket for going hard on the slopes (while still looking polished, of course). 



This is the Aurora Beam Holographic Snowsuit - Lavender (Club EXX). Image Courtesy of the DollsKill website. 

For some, skiing is more than just a hobby: it’s a lifestyle, and they want their clothes to reflect that. While the vast majority of ski clothes adhere to the same basic design (they are all fulfilling the same basic functions after all, including providing: warmth, durability, and waterproof-ness), this homogeneity in design can get a little boring. That is where the notable brand DollsKill enters the scene! 

DollsKill as a whole is generally not known for it’s athletic apparel, rather providing women with cute alt-fashion alternatives to the mainstream versions of those same clothes. For example, a pair of regular tennis shoes would be, for DollsKill, as a pair of platform shoes are. 

In this case, DollsKill has provided us with a Holographic Snowsuit. Not only is it suited to skiing, but it looks like it came right out of The Twilight Zone (which, in my opinion, is always a plus). 

Again, this purchase is not cheap, ringing up a whopping 188-150 USD. However, the site does allow its customers to make their purchases in blocs of 37 USD or so, which is very helpful and courteous. 

Sizing at DollsKill is very inclusive, with their sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. 

While this item might look a bit more fashion-forward then sporty, rest assured, it accomplishes both goals with ease! Many reviewers reported that the suit, while generally geared for fashion, was actually quite warm and comfortable. 

Ski Face Mask

This is the GENEMA Ski Balaclava Plus Velvet Neck Warmer Scarf Face Cover for Winter Cold Weather. Image Courtesy of the Walmart official site. 

When considering your skiing fashion options, you might not think of a face mask. However, when it comes to racing down ski slopes, facial covering is actually incredibly important! Not only does it keep your face warm, but it can prevent headaches as well. 

Fun fact! Did you know that when a steady stream of cold air hits your face, it can trigger a facial nerve, thus causing the blood vessels in your head to constrict and causing you a headache? Well, unfortunately, it can. While this may technically be a lesser concern than say, ensuring that you have working skis so that you don’t fall, it is still one of the major bastions you can have that will protect you against discomfort while skiing. Everyone wants to just enjoy their sport without having to think about a headache or other discomfort, so consider purchasing a fashionable face mask/balaclava this winter season! Read more about why your face might hurt in the cold here.

The GENEMA Ski Balaclava Plus Velvet Neck Warmer Scarf is great because it both covers your face and head for maximum comfort, while also managing to look stylish and cute. Balaclavas in general aren’t very fashionable, and are commonly associated with crime, as they conceal a person’s facial features. In direct opposition to that, this mask is friendly-looking, with a knitted stitch and fluffy pom pom. If you’re more of a goofy, light-hearted person, this might be a great alternative to the more simple and, frankly, creepy-looking balaclava. 

One size. A very cheap buy at just 18 to 15 USD (depending on whether or not there’s a sale taking place). 

Moving on to Men’s Ski Fashion

I feel that this article has neglected mens fashion up until now, with all of its listed items being made for a womens figure or with feminine style choices in mind. However, no more! Here are a few items of apparel adhering to what we call ‘mens skiing fashion.’ With both practical uses and a sleek edge, these items (ranging in price and color) are sure to dazzle any male ski enthusiasts! 

Bloom Outerwear 

This hip insulated ski jacket by Bloom Outerwear is a unique fashion find, and likely to set you apart from the rest of the skiers on the hill (in a good way!) Its general vibe is both low-maintenance and high-fashion, perfect for someone who wants to adhere to fashion trends while also not wanting to look like they’re “trying to hard.” 

Be warned, though. This jacket is not an inexpensive buy, ringing in at a whopping 180 USD. (Fortunately, as was the case with DollsKills, you can again select the payment option of interest-free installments of around 17 USD per month with ShopPay).

Learn more about what the term interest-free installments means for buyers here. 


These are adidas Nizza Hi XY22 Shoes, great for indoor and outdoor activities. Image Courtesy of the adidas official website. 

Adidas is very well known for their great products, in running shoes, and now, apparently, winter boots. While not technically “ski boots” (the difference being that a ski boot actually has a clip on it that allows it to adhere to a ski), they are great if you are just perusing the slopes and want a boot that is easier to walk in than, say, the average ski boot–which is VERY uncomfortable. 

These shoes are fairly cheap at 150- 75 USD (depending on sale), and vary greatly in size. Generally, it just depends on what the adidas website has in stock. 


These are Men's Nandn Full Leather Snow Mascot Snowboard Gloves Winter Mittens from SnowVerb. Image Courtesy of the Snowverb website. 

Skiing is taken seriously by the sports’ many adherents. If you are to participate, they say, you have to have only the very best equipment, gear, and access to slopes. This kind of elitism is annoying, but somewhat justified in that skiing can be a very dangerous sport (just think of the double black diamond hill!), and it’s easier to put your faith in more expensive, better made equipment. 

These gloves, however, are the best of both worlds! They might not give off airs, but these Nandn gloves are both cheeky and practical, with wrist straps built in in order to keep them in place. 

They come in S, M, and L sizes, and there are various options for the “faces” on them as well. At 70 USD, they’re not cheap, but not ridiculous, either. Maybe not the most practical buy, but definitely stylish and unique! 

Fashion is What You Make of it! 

Skiing purists might disagree with me here, but quirky and cute designs do not get in the way of a great ski-session. So, just do you! Buy whatever gear you want, be it: professional, designer, or alt-fashion. When you’re racing down that hill at 60 mph, no one is going to care (or see) what you’re wearing, anyway.