The Oscars, Hollywood’s most anticipated and memorable night of the year, starred in a dazzling display of vintage and upcycled designs that was encouraged by the 95th ceremony of the Oscars.

As stars were making their way upon the red carpet, the world watched in awe as they showcased their timeless approach. To begin, let’s elaborate more about the background, the dress code that set the mood, and the most memorable looks that stood out on the red carpet.

Behind the Scenes:

The Oscars, hosted annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is a celebration of the most profound achievements in the film industry. Beyond the horizons of cinematic glory, this event has also flourished into a global fashion exhibition, where celebrities walk the red carpet in their own unique ensembles curated for them. Last year profoundly enough, celebrities displayed a new and upcoming side within the fashion industry.

The Oscars are known for its luxury, and influence it has on emerging trends in the broader fashion industry beyond the norms. Designers often collaborate with celebrities to make custom gowns, tuxedos, or pieces for the big day. It has become a major moment in the fashion calendar with elaborate media coverage and commentary upon other attendees, magazines, and viewers around the world who are watching.

This image shows a view of behind the scenes of Rhiannas photos being taken on the red carpet in her edgy Alaïa ensemble composed of a dark leather bra and maxi-skirt layered over a long-sleeve sheer mesh turtleneck.  Image courtesy of CNN.

The Dress Code

Although the Oscars aren’t known to have a dress code unlike some other awards shows, it is widely recognized to translate into glamorous evening gowns for the women, and tuxedos or suits for men. However, what I believe makes the Oscars so unique is that the celebrities have a chance of freedom to express their individual styles, whether that is classic and timeless or more avant-garde and extravagant. Although, In more recent years the dress code has evolved with the men, by allowing them to unleash more individuality and creativity by letting go of the mandatory black tie attire. The Oscars typically present more high-end fashion, with the celebrities wearing pieces from renowned designers and styled by some of the best known fashion stylists. The dress code emphasizes naturally a more sophisticated and glamorous look, reflecting off of the prestige of the event and highlighting its long-standing tradition of its highly admired occasion.

This image gives a good look at Florence Pugh, Pedro Pascal and more of the many glamorous looks that most definitely did not disappoint on the red carpet. Image courtesy of “style caster” 

Unforgettable Looks

Keeping up with the trends and modern fashion

Timothée Chalamet:

Timothée Chalamet wears a tailored black jacket from the Louis Vuitton womenswear collection. Image courtesy of People.

Wearing Virgil Abloh’s work, Timotée Chalamet made a bold fashion-forward statement that challenges “traditional norms”. Opposing to younger viewers with a balance of masculinity yet still contributing an expression of chic with the pieces of lace stemming down from the arm, and the sequin coated trailblazer. The 80s cut blazer in mix with the chunky rings and silver chain made a statement between the lines of the “vintage” theme as well as keeping a modern flair present.

Classy yet eccentric

Salma Hayek

Image Courtesy of Getty Images.

Salma Hayek graces down the red carpet in a custom Gucci sequin-embroidered gown at the 95th Oscars as a presenter of the event. The eccentric yet modern appeal to this gown has many aspects to look at including the halter neckline that seamlessly flows into the snug bodice that opens out into a small train. The train and bottom half of the gown creates an illusionary effect that appears almost like tinsel. Her hair is kept simple with flowy beach waves so the focal point remains on the dress with the accent of her gold Gucci clutch.

Enchanting glamour

Kate Hudson 

Image Courtesy of Getty Images.

Styled by Sophie Lopez, Kate Hudson arrives in this beautifully crafted shimmery mermaid gown designed by Rodarte that is nothing short of stunning. Her jewelry is kept simple to keep the focus on the dress, and she has styled classic bombshell Hollywood hair to go with it. The alluring neckline of rhinestone embroidered straps give the look an enticing feel while the ruffles transcending upon the arms create a more playful role to tie everything together.

Simple Elegance

Michelle Yeoh

This is an image that shows a glimpse of the 450 hours of work that went into curating the embroidery into the layers on this gown. Image courtesy of Dior.
In this image vogue captures the pure elegance of Michelle Yeoh’s Dior gown seamlessly drifting down her from the bodice creating a graceful appeal. Image courtesy of Vogue.

Michelle Yeoh’s elegant Dior gown took an astonishing 200 hours to ensemble, it was handmade in the Dior Haute Couture Atelier which included waves of feathers in ivory silk organza. Putting this together piece by piece took the team over 450 hours to carefully intricate the embroidery that was placed on the dress. The completed design was an original delicate and exquisite gown that gracefully surrounded her as she walked down the red carpet. She paired dainty yet ethereal jewelry pieces including a diamond hairband, ring, watch, and glistening diamond earrings with the dress.

An Intrepid take

Florence Pugh

Image Courtesy of Getty images.

Florence arrives in a daring Valentino Couture piece pairing with Tiffany & Co. jewels. Her fearless outfit consisted of a simple black minidress with pockets concealed by a draping off-the-shoulder pelisse in a grayish-cream hue. The conspicuous cape stemmed out from the bodice giving a visual of almost cloud-like sleeves and then began to air out into the long train at the bottom. She completes the jaw-dropping look with black platform mary-jane heels, a structural diamond necklace, glistening pink drop earrings, and a black bow to finalize the look. 

A gown that “speaks for itself”

Lady Gaga

Image courtesy of People.

In this image Lady Gaga is seen in a Versace gown that appeared straight from the runway of the Fall 2023 show that Donatella Versace held in Los Angeles last week, originally modeled by Gigi Hadid. 

Lady Gaga makes a bold entrance at the 95th Oscar’s wearing a gown that does all the talking. Designed by Donatella Versace, the dramatics that typically come with Lady Gaga’s many red-carpet moments certainly did not fail with this one. The striking look manages to still hold a sleek and sexy feel with the low cut mesh corset draping down to her hips. She tops it off with a smokey eye, fierce red lip, and slicked back hair. Gaga’s disposition was most definitely executed beautifully with this look.

Image courtesy of People.

In this photo Gaga reveals the back of her Versace gown, the transparent mesh appears on her shoulder area while the black corset overlines the mesh unfolding on the lower area of her back.

The recent Oscars red carpet was an exceptional showcase for fashion admirers and an inspiration to individuals working in the fashion industry. They offered a diverse range of designs that perfectly captivated the essence of each celebrity that walked the red carpet. From the timeless elegance to the avant-garde utterance, the fashion world at the Oscars once again has proved that it’s not only a celebration of film but also a stunning display of unmatched style.