Ken and Barbie from the new live-action “Barbie”

. Image courtesy of IMDB.

Anything from the newest Barbie movie (although roller skating barbie appears to be the most popular, and most recognizable outfit from that film). And while we’re at it, how about Ken in his signature “mojo dojo casa outfit’ complete with fur cape and bandana.

You’ll need:  

  • Cowboy Hat and Matching Costumes
  • Roller Skates 
  • 60’s Fashion, (leotard, leggings, etc) 
  • Helmet and/ or Visor 

Queen Charlotte

Image Courtesy of LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. 

Queen Charlotte has also been doing the rounds, and is for anyone who wants to step up their elegance game. 


  • Pale ballgown 
  • Amber jewelry accessories
  • Hair ties to create updo 
  • Appropriate high society accouterments (tea?) 


. Image courtesy of Amazon. 

Grimace, who has become recognizable again as a McDonald's mascot after his purple bday shake disaster, which promptly became a meme of people trying it and dying afterwards. Fun for the whole family…?

Get the look:

  • Grimace blow up costume on Amazon 
  • A purple shake? 
  • The right attitude 

Miles Morales/ Spider Gwen 

.Image Courtesy of Inverse. 

Miles Morales or Spider Gwen. Both are main characters of the recent Across the Spiderverse film, and are bf/gf, but with their own distinct personalities. Unlike Spidermen before them, they are decidedly people first, and hero’s second. Gwen is a musician/ ballerina struggling to admit to her father who she truly is–while Miles is a talented artist willing to study particle physics just for the sake of seeing Gwen again. 

Get the look:

  • Spidersuit 
  • Chuck taylors 


.Image Courtesy of Laurie Sparham.

Cruella DeVille (Emma Stone version)--it might be a bit old hat now that the film’s been on Disney Plus for a while. She is an utter diva, her character turned understandable after a recent dig into her backstory as an artist. Here, DeVille is an underdog with a passion for fashion and a desire to get revenge while leaving a mark on society at the same time. She’s fashionable, with a crazy backstory, and her character holds up–resonating with those of us artists who’ve felt a strong need to prove ourselves before settling into a life. 

Get the look:

  • Dichrome wig 
  • Leather dress (the film features various ones to choose from) 
  • Dramatic red lipstick and dark brows 
  • A dalmatian? 

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir

.Image Courtesy of Pinkvilla. 

Miraculous Ladybug–The show has been catching a lot of buzz lately, after its film release. While it was first intended to be marketed towards children (the original version is French, with frankly sub-par animation), it quickly caught on in the US among older audiences, who appreciated the show for its humor and witty banter between main characters Ladybug and Chat Noir. The two zoom through Paris at night, fighting corrupted souls until they make their way to the source–A mysterious figure known as HawkMoth. If you are a fan of drama and romance, especially family drama, perhaps one of these costumed characters is for you? 

Get the look:

  • Suit 
  • Akuma 
  • Hair ribbon and/ or mask

Rihanna’s Red Outfit from the Super Bowl Half Show

.Image courtesy of Ross D Franklin/AP.

Rhianna’s Red outfit. Don’t wear this unless you can pull it off, I’m serious. However, if you have the confidence and the style, this is the perfect look if you’re looking to connect with other pop-culture and music fans on Halloween night. Easily recognizable and frankly iconic, you won’t be lacking for fans, that’s for sure. Just be sure that you will be able to handle the spotlight that comes with it. This was Rhianna’s outfit–that she wore while pregnant!--for the Superbowl half show. Bonus points if you are also pregnant. 

Get the look:

  • Red Jumpsuit and solid top 
  • Red sweatshirt/ cover 
  • Hairspray, pins to achieve the style 

Wednesday/ Enid 

.Image Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes. 

Wednesday Adams or Enid. Both characters are from the recent Netflix spinoff of the Adams Family, a show which hones in on dour Wednesday, as she slowly comes to embrace her time at a boarding school with her friend Enid. Wednesday is dark, gothic, and with the soul of a novelist–she calls things as she sees them…Not a bad person to model yourself after, after all. (Though the previous films portrayed her as being downright creepy). 

Meanwhile, her close friend and roommate, Enid, is a werewolf preppy girl with a lot of pep. While her issues involving lycanthropy make her somewhat of a disappointment to her family (she cannot change into a wolf form, at least as of the series beginning) she doesn’t let that stop her from embracing who she is. 

Get the look:

  • Striped, colorful shirt, shorts, and dyed hair clips.  Long, painted stiletto nails 
  • Dark hoodie, twin braids, clip-on bangs and large black platform shoes 


.Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures/Everett Collection. 

Oppenheimer. This costume is understandably somewhat controversial. Though the recent release of the film was generally well received, WWll history is generally not a good place to start when looking for the makings of a good Halloween costume. Oppenheimer might not be the most relatable character to dress as, but he’s still an interesting one to explore. 

Burdened by the effects of the war and his obligation to put it to an end via the Manhattan Project, he appears as a pale, sallow man in suit jacket and hat. The realization that the film ultimately leaves him with is not a comfort to his condition, either. He has, effectively, provided the tools of humanity’s destruction on a silver platter. Dark. Spooky in a more psychological way. 

Get the Look: 

  • Top hat
  • Grey suit with appropriate decals 
  • Formal pants to match suit 

Mirabel from Encanto 

.Image Courtesy of Popverse. 

Mirabel, from Encanto. This is a sharp left turn from Oppenheimer. Mirabel is a light and lively young woman, albeit troubled by her lack of a gift while living within a magical-powers possessing family. This is a costume for the entire family–and characters can be adjusted depending on who takes on what strength or personality. Everyone in your house can get in on the action, as Encanto centers around a magical house that bestows its residents with gifts when they come of age. 

All of this magic is centered around a single candle, which was lit at the start of a great tragedy, when the family was formed. When her family begins to show some cracks, however, Mirabel is the first in line to see what’s wrong. Bonus points if you bring a candle as part of your costume. Just don’t let it go out. 

Get the Look: 

  • Mirabel’s dress with it’s ecals 
  • Green-rimmed glasses and purple sphere earrings 
  • Sandals 
  • Hair curler (to achieve her natural curls) 

Joe Exotic/ Carol Baskins 

Image Courtesy of iHeart

The Tiger King, aka Joe Exotic. This is also a slightly old one, as the Tiger King only reached its prime during the peak of the Pandemic, slowly dying down as society adapted to constantly being indoors…and moved on to other TV shows. (Seriously, the hype died down so quickly that a Prime Video series of the Tiger King, that was supposed to air right about now, was canceled due to a lack of interest). Oh, well it was fun while it lasted. And don’t let that lack of hype stop you from embracing your inner crazy, criminal side as well. 

For those of you who didn’t tune in to this massive pandemic pillar of Netflix, Joe Exotic–just look him up–is a self-proclaimed “gun-toting redneck with a mullet.” Among his animal exploits, he’s also run for governor and his “zoo” has been the site of more than a few criminal activities, as well as deadly injuries. The documentary centered around him is so crazy that you'll find yourself wondering: how is this man real? Society is repulsed by the Tiger King, for his criminality, narcissism, and rampant animal abuse. However, there is no denying that he has ascended the realm of regular human beings and launched himself (quite purposefully) into the realm of iconic character. Love cats? Either this or a tasteful Carol Baskin costume might be for you. Just expect plenty of backlash from animal rights people.

Get the Look: 

  • Turquoise glitter, tiger print shirt
  • Anything with big cat print on it 
  • Iconic Joe Exotic mullet and shades 
  • Flower crown (Carol Baskin) 

Weird Barbie 

Image Courtesy of MATTEL/Warner Bros Features. 

“Weird Barbie,” from the recent Barbie Movie. Alas, all girls had one of these growing up: a Barbie that was played with just a little too hard, and just a little too creatively. Maybe you cut her hair in a strange manner, maybe you stripped her of her clothes and just let her lie like that for ages. Maybe you scribbled over her face with a marker. Who knows why we did this as kids? 

All we can do to apologize now to that poor abused toy from our childhood is pay a humble homage via this 2023 Halloween. Sport “Weird” Barbie’s spiky hair and punkish look, as well as her no-nonsense, eyes wide open attitude. Played by SNL star Kate McKinnon, Weird Barbie has been around the block a few times, and she knows the farce behind Barbie world–having already been cast out of it for her…eccentricities. Want to start up an existential conversation about women's rights and power structures? Try weird Barbie!

Get the look: 

  • Spiky hair wig 
  • Various colored eyeliners (to draw on face with) 
  • Pink dress with frenetic print/ markings 
  • Single birkenstock and high heel 

In Conclusion, Halloween is a Time to show the world how pop-culture Savvy you Are! 

There are all kinds of costumes: creepy costumes, historical costumes, pretty costumes.  However, nothing can quite compare to a particularly pop-culture relevant costume.